Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Dandy Lion market #5

Being in October, #5 celebrated the themes of the macabre. As usual, the event was characterised by amazing creations: From Prints to paper crafts, from recycled fashion to home and decorative wares, but also unique jewelry and accessories. 

Here's some examples: CUT and TEAR

Wiz of Oz decoupaged bangle by Gen's jewlery.

Vintage style handmade postcards by our lovely and very talented  host Leslieworks 

Kiddies even had the opportunities to make a Mexican Day of the Dead assemblage mask at the Interactive Craft table.
Finally, the outside stall holders had to brave the cold but were lucky enough to enjoy Erik Rutterford's fantastic acoustic tunes!

I, myself decided to go for an angry pumpkins retro style carrot and walnut cake,

a chocolate fudge cake decorated with spooky white choc skulls.

and some nutella/ peanut butter pumpkin cookies.

The next market is on Saturday 12 November. Come and enjoy a 'Spicy' event!


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  1. Very nice article Lau. Covers a nice range of wares, the market poster and of course your lovely delectables!