Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Why have a Dessert table at you big event?

Rustic style dessert table
Photography: Carla Thomas

Dessert tables and candy buffets are getting more and more popular especially at weddings. Why? 

Well, you will find that there are many reasons. First, they offer your guests more choice of dessert than just the wedding cake or the sweet that is served as part of a sitting down meal. They can include an amazing variety of goodies such as cupcakes, meringues, mini pies, centerpiece cakes, petit-fours, biscuits, macaroons, fruit tartlets etc... 

Shabby chic dessert table

Also, as well as to its size, dessert tables can be adapted to the style of the event, adding a special, memorable touch to the wow factor of your big day. Ribbon, stands, food tags, table cloths, buntings and other décor coordinate both colours and themes.  It’s a real work of Art!

Vintage Paris style dessert table

And last but not least, dessert buffets take some pressure away from you. Oh absolutely! Don’t you worry about your guests not enjoying themselves and mingle with one another anymore! It will give the most shy person the opportunity to pass comments and get the conversation going!
So lovely brides to be, have I convinced you yet?

Photography: Alex Dimopoulos

To sum up, not only dessert tables reflect who you are, they are also edible, decorative and even interactive. What more could you ask for?

Oh you may be worried about how much extra cash you will need? 
Actually, it may not cost you more than buying a highly decorated three-tiered wedding cake from a 'well-known' cake maker. Dessert tables are designed around your budget. Why not ask for a quote? Consultation is free of charge.

A bientôt.

Lauren x

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A rather alternative side project.

A bit of Goth, a bit of metal, a bit if indie, I have always liked alternative things me. After searching the net, I realised that there aren't many favours around for such weddings so as suggested by Steff Metal, our favourite Gothic wedding planner, I created a range that represent five different alternative styles.

Rock and roll



Heavy Metal

All favours are £2.50-£3.50. Tags are customised, professional designed and printed. Contact us with your requirements. We'll be delighted to help you make your alternative wedding truly personalised. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

What's hiding behind the bush?

For this dessert table, I wanted to create a French rustic feel so for decoration, I used wicker baskets, old fashion jars, jute fabric and string as feel as raffia ribbon. The tags and favours were handmade by moi too. For sweets, I chose Hazelnut Petits-beurre bundles, madeleines, Amandines, pine nuts tartlets, mini meringues, biscuit pops and of course, cupcakes! Some as a rose bouquet presented in a plant pot and some sprinkled with nuts. I also included some cinnamon favours berlingot sweets that I brought back from my last trip to Lille and finally, a two-tier cake and a single tier ruffle one. Here are some photos by the amazingly talented Carla Thomas. Voila :)


Want one of them for your wedding, birthday, hen do or for any occasion you can think of? Contact us!
I will be exhibiting new styles and designs at two upcoming events in East London: The wedding project on March 11th and A most curious wedding fair on March 31th. Come and say Bonjour! And yeah, Bride-to-be, we have an exciting offer on: we are giving out a free wedding cake (worth £300) when booking a dessert table (including goodies and styling). Spread the word and the love!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to make Petits-beurre biscuits.

My dear sister had a fantastic Christmas present idea this year, she gave me a Larousse Petits-beurre kit with a mini recipe book, a cookie cutter and a stamp that says 'Homemade' en français. The Dandy Lion market 'Granny's attic' was the perfect opportunity for me to try these babies out  and I chose to make the Pecan ones. Yummy! 

This is what they looked like before the baking. 


I used a piece of rafia ribbon to tie them up. It gave them a terroir/ vintage look. 

If you want to give it a go, this is what you need to do.

To make about 50 biscuits, you need: 200 g sugar, 200 g salted butter, 12.5 cl water, 500 g plain flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 100 g Pecan nuts (crushed). 

Step 1: Place butter, water and sugar in a saucepan, bring to a boil. Leave to cool for 20 minutes.

Step 2: In a bowl, mix flour, nuts and baking powder. Add the cooled down liquid.

Step 3: Mix with a wooden spoon first then with hands. 

Step 4: Place the dough in cling film, then in the fridge for 3 hours.

Step 5: Roll out the dough with a bit of flour so it doesn't stick and shape out of the biscuits with cutter. 

Step 6: Place baking paper on a baking tray, space out the biscuits on it then bake for 10-12 minute in a preheated oven (180 degrees).

You can keep them for a few days in a biscuit tin. 

A table!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Neon love- A colour pop inspired bridal shoot

I was honoured enough to have participated in this event organised by the lovely talented Sonia from WTW. For the occasion, I was asked to provided some white cupcakes with neon coloured sprinkles. Here is the result. Aren't these photos amazing?

This event is also featured on Rock and Roll Bride.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Aaaah Noël!

Here are some of my Christmas creations.

Goat's cheese, peppers and paprika Verrines 
Crudités on Mini sticks
Pain surprise
Mini Financiers
Chocolate and chestnut Buche de Noël
And another one!

At last- but not least, Happy New Year everyone!